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Teaching Kids They Can Have Fun While Eating Healthy

Pre-school children are notorious for expressing their opinions. It’s a normal part of growing up. Eating doesn’t have to be a battle of wills. Understanding how to encourage a child to eat vegetables will make dinnertime a pleasurable family experience.
Teaching Healthy Eating to Preschoolers
At Brevard Health Alliance, we believe that leading by example is the […]

Causes of Nosebleeds and 4 Signs You Should Visit a Doctor

For children, a common cause of nosebleeds is physical trauma, caused either by picking or inserting a foreign object into the nose. Dry air and allergens can also irritate sensitive nasal passages and cause bleeding.

In these cases, using a humidifier or saline nose drops may reduce the number of nosebleeds your child experiences. If you […]

When Does a Sunburn Needs Medical Attention

Florida’s not called the Sunshine State for nothing. Maybe you’re getting ready to head to the beach, go sunbathing, or play some outdoor sports. But if you haven’t put on enough sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection, you or your loved ones may be vulnerable to sunburn.

Sunburns are usually just a minor annoyance when they happen. But […]

10 Pitfalls of Self-Medicating

Doctors train for years to provide the best medical advice, but we still sometimes self-diagnose and self-medicate. For minor illnesses like the common cold, it makes sense to take medicine to relieve the symptoms and wait it out. If the medication doesn’t work or the symptoms last longer than expected, then we visit the doctor.

However, […]

5 Suggestions for De-Stressing During the Pandemic

During a pandemic, stress can rear its head in many forms. It can manifest in fear about the health of oneself and one’s loved ones, worry about financial situations and jobs, and stress over losing support services. Stress can make itself evident in changes of patterns in eating or sleeping, in difficulty with focusing or […]

How Telecommunication Platforms Are Changing the Health Industry

Health care has never been more diversified and accessible as it is today, all thanks to telecommunication. The integration of all forms of digital technology, including broadband internet, computers, and equipment that supports videoconferencing, has made this possible, giving birth to the term “telemedicine.” How exactly has telecommunication done away with traditional paperwork and improved […]

The Health Importance of Staying Connected in the Pandemic Age

Many of us can relate far too well to the feeling of loneliness. From wearing masks to canceling family get-togethers or even quarantining at home indefinitely, it seems everyone is taking extra steps to protect their health these days. A global pandemic will do that to you. These precautions are necessary reactions to a health […]

Telemedicine in the Age of COVID-19: What You Should Know

Early in 2020, the CDC issued guidelines advising health care providers and individuals in areas affected by COVID-19. Among the guidelines included the adoption of various practices, such as social distancing. The CDC specifically recommended that health care providers and facilities offer medical services through virtual means to reduce contact between individuals.

What Is Telemedicine?
Telemedicine is […]

The Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

There is no question that we definitely live in a day and age that presents a double whammy to most people. Many have work and family concerns, and there are doctors who are already overworked dealing with current health issues. When you couple that with our increase in technology and the ability to Google anything, […]

10 Ways to Switch Up Your At-Home Fitness Regime

Is your home workout regimen getting a little bit stale? If that is the case, it might be time for you to spice it up a bit. At Brevard Health Alliance, we are committed to helping you stay fit and healthy, and we know there are plenty of things that you can do to still […]